Twin Ocean Power Technology

Ocean is the unlimited storage of energy, it can supply energy continuously to entire global needs. Twin ocean power is unique and innovative US patented technology to capture the ocean waves and efficiently convert it to a clean reusable source of electricity.




Inside the Twin Ocean Power device, the gearing system is especially designed to maximize the axle gear rotation from two directions of low rotation into one direction of high rotation.  Therefore, it maximizes the conversion of ocean power to electricity.  The overload clutch controls the torque transferred from flying wheel to electric generator, preventing the electric generator from overheating when the ocean condition is rough, while the flying wheel component keeps the system running smoothly. Most of the kinetic energy is transfer from axle to electric gennerator through the gearing system, minimizing the  energy lost durring conversion.


Unlike other techologies using hydrolic power to rotate tubine where this transfer energy to electric generator which could loosing alot of energy, Twin Ocean Power using mechanical gearing system to transfer the captured energy from torque arm directly into electric gererator therefore, no energy is lost durring conversion

The idea of this technology is capturing kinetic energy by up and down movement of its weight and convert into electrical energy.

Power Calculation

Work done W = F(lift  buoyant up) + F(drop buoyant down)


 F(lift buoyant up) = F(drop buoyant down)


Work done  w each wave = 2F = 2(m.g.h)


Device mass = 310 ton

Wave height average = 2.5m

Wave Period average = 10s

W = 2(m.g.h) = 2 (310,000kg x 9.8m/s x 2.5m) = 14.58 MJ

Power = 14.58 MJ/ 10s = 1.46 MW mechanical

For 90% of electric generator efficiently

Power = 1.46 MW  x .90 = 1.39 MW

Output Power = 1.39 MW.h

Anual Output = 12.176 GW.h

Construction estimate is under $2 million

Cashback investment is in between 1 or 2 year

Easy to deploy and Implement

The device can be securely anchored to the sea bed. Two devices can share a common anchor point to reduce the cost. Multiple devices can converge their output power lines to one conjunction box that transfers the electricity to the main line for usage.

To expanse the system, new set of device can be simple added to the system by placing them side by side to other and connecting their conjunction box together.

To expand the system, new sets of device can simply be added to the system by placing them side by side to the existing sets and connecting their conjunction boxes together. Any device can be easily remove from the system for maintenance without deactivating the entire system.


Best Renewavle Energy Technology

The major impact of Twin Ocean Power device will be seen in how energy can be generated efficiently.  Its development will aide in our fight against global warming to ensure a future dependent on resources that are currently at our disposal.  Producing electricity by using renewable natural resources will reduce our overall dependency on the limited and depleting fossil fuels.